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CAKESMS :: The Complete System

Screenshot from Utusan Kosmo Infiniti

Update on 13th August 2009.
Penjejak badai GPS Tracker reviewed in Utusan Kosmo. The SMS engine used in the application is powered by CakeSMS. Read the full article at

CakeSMS Background SMS receiver daemon

Google MAP tracker demo

Sony Ericsson K770i & Acer Aspire One ( Linux Fedora Edition )

Improved Inbox/Outbox interface.

Choose to view contacts unser specidied group. Ajax powered

Contact Group Management. You can manage group for your contacts.

You can send SMS to all contacts under the same group. Just choose a group, then enter the text to send and CakeSMS will send the SMS in one click.

This is contacts information page. All you contact will be listed here. You can manage the contact and send sms to them

This is send SMS to any number. For example, you want to send SMS, but the number not listed as your contact, you can simple type the number and send sms.

Notice the indicator on the top ? The live indicator is showing unread messages and SMS in queue in realtime. Unread messages will be marked as No in the list.

This is Outbox. You can track sent SMS using this tool.

CakeSMS Complete Solutions with customised web interface
you can have this system out of box and ready to serve your SMS campaign at anytime and anywhere, as long the phone have credits and signal .

On this visual guide ( PDF ), you'll be able to build your own SMS Server complete with web based interface built using CakePHP.

Download the PDF ( 6MB ) here : ( Save Target As )

The CakeSMS Application source code ( last update on 11th March 2009 )

Download Introduction to CakePHP in Bahasa Malaysia

Tools used :
1. Linux Fedora 9
2. CakePHP 1.2RC3
3. Gnokii / Gnokii-SMSD / GNOKII-SMSD-MySQL
4. MySQL Database
5. Apache Web Server
6. PHP 5 Scripting Server
7. VMWARE 1.0.6 / 1.0.8
8. Windows XP ( will not work on Windows Vista due to USB 2.0 unsupported in VMWARE )

a. Please use 4GB of VMWARE disk size, not 2GB ( thanks to Syazly for rectifying this out )
b. Please start the servers by issuing this command
service mysqld start
service httpd start
service sshd start
service iptables stop

Vmware is free, if you need the key, here it is
a. 90NH8-YP04A-151FN-4LH1R
b. 904KE-YM1FC-17H6M-4JHRN

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Tips for Sony K770i
Make sure you have some SMS inside the phone inbox before attaching to the server and run with --inbox ME option

Development Blog
Follow CakeSMS Web Interface development at

Live Tracking SMS 2 GPS using CakeSMS